Translation Services

We provide a variety of document translations as listed below. 
The main source/target languages are English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Traditional & Simplified). If requested, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese can be arranged as well.

Our Pricing
Do you need a document translated but not sure how much it will cost?
See our guideline for price listing.

Vital Record & Civil Registration
⚪️ Birth Certificate (Issued by city office hall) ¥ 5,000 -
⚪️ Birth Certificate (Recorded at hospital signed by ob-gyn) ¥6,500 -
⚪️ Marriage/Divorce Certificate ¥ 5,000 -

⚪️ Certified Copy of Family Register ¥ 5,500 -
⚪️ Residence Registration ¥5,000 -

⚪️ Capacity to Contract Marriage/ Single Status ¥5,000 -

Notarized Deed (¥5,500 〜)
⚪️Acknowledgement and Affidavit

⚪️Driver's License ¥3,300 -
⚪️Residence Card ¥3,300 -

Pricing Policy
The estimation is based on rate-per-character/word and average quantity of texts from the past translated documents. However it is a rough estimation; as certificate format varies depending on the public entity (a country, or state/prefecture or county), the price may differ.
Go to contact page and ask for a quotation.

- PDF file / Printed document
- Direct delivery /Email / Postal mail
(* Let us know your preferred delivery method.
- delivered with Translation Certification with a company seal affixed

- All above prices are tax-inclusive(10%)
- Payment is required upon delivery. We take cash, credit cards, bank transfer.
You can pay online though e-invoice we provide.

More to Offer...
Judicial & Statutory (Quoted price)
⚪️ Certification of Contents
⚪️ Written Petition ⚪️ Statement of Facts
⚪️ Complaint ⚪️ Written Answer ⚪️ Decree

Business Document (Quoted-price)
⚪️ Business Contract
⚪️ Employment Contract
⚪️ Lease Contract
⚪️ Purchase and Sales Contract
⚪️E-mail Correspondence
⚪️ Presentation Materials
⚪️Miscellaneous Documents

Guidance Information (Quoted-price)
⚪️Tourist Information
⚪️Facility Brochure & Commercial Fliers
⚪️ Restaurant Menu
⚪️ Signage
⚪️ Product Brochure & Manuals
⚪️ Copy & Sales Pitch for a Product

Price Quotation Policy
The pricing is based on rate-per-character/word and the amount of text in the original document before translation. For a rough estimation, you can simply multiply translation rate (see below) and the number of words or characters. Go to contact page and ask for a precise quotation.

Japanese ➡️ English
Area Rate per Character
General (Facilities guidance, etc. )¥ 18
Specialty A (Business & Technical, )¥ 22
Specialty B (Judiciary & Statutory)¥ 25
A minimum fee of 3,000 yen (+ 10% tax) will be charged for words fewer than 100.
English  ➡️ Japanese
Area Rate per Word
General (Facilities guidance, etc. )¥18
Specialty A (Business & Technical, )¥22
Specialty B (Judiciary & Statutory)¥25
A minimum fee of 3,000 yen (+ 10% tax) will be charged for words fewer than 100.
Payment is required upon delivery of completed translations. We accept PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or cash. 

The completed translation will be sent by email or other format (simplified registered mail, etc.) at your request. Let us know your preferred delivery method.

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